'Be' with Swami Venkatesananda

I cannot love you

I cannot love you. Impossible. We are two completely different beings. As long as I still cling to the consciousness that I am I, and you are you, I cannot love you. I may temporarily pretend to love you, I may temporarily profess to love you, but it is only a passing fancy. As long as you scratch my back and I scratch yours, we will call ourselves lovers. But as soon as this ceases, it is all over, and we begin to hate each other. This is not true love at all.

Love can only come into being when the I has seen itself out and ceased to interfere in the operation of the natural intelligence, this natural intelligence being cosmic and indivisible. In the same way, you, I, this carpet, the tape recorder, all of us, form the one cosmic body of this cosmic intelligence. There is no division and therefore no aggression, no violence, no contradiction. Contradiction is the product of confusion, and as soon as the confusion is surrendered, abandoned, the contradiction also disappears.