'Be' with Swami Venkatesananda

On Harmony

Often we speak of harmony – at the domestic, social, religious, national and international levels. But we always look for it in others, as if to say, “If everyone does what I decide, I shall co-operate with all. If no-one annoys me, I shall not get angry.” That is useless if not disastrous. For that is what perhaps everyone thinks, too, and thus there is no harmony.

Harmony is the same as peace, love, bliss and godliness. All these are gifts of God. We cannot produce or cultivate harmony. However, God dwells in our hearts ever eager to grant us all these boons.

But there is something we and we alone can and should do to receive them. The first and foremost factor is to realise that no one else is responsible for the tragedy that our life is. This realisation instantly turns the gaze within and enables us to see that our false values generate the ghosts that haunt us. Just as we blame someone else for our unhappiness, we imagine that someone else will make us happy, give us pleasure or grant us peace. We run after these, we cling to the external ever-changing phenomena which are not only not the source of our peace, happiness and security, but on account of their own instability, they make us unstable as long as we depend upon them. When all this is directly seen, not merely conceptualised (falsely thought of as ‘intellectually understood’) there is a radical transmutation.

Whether or not we are ‘happy’, we abandon the craving to be otherwise. The miracle: we are instantly happy, peaceful and therefore loving, since we do not blame anyone for anything. There is harmony in our hearts, and in our relationships. There is peace on earth.