'Be' with Swami Venkatesananda

Remedial Action

Life or the existence of energy implies motion, movement, activity. All life is motion and, paradoxically, in all this motion there is a state of absolute equilibrium or balance.
How is this balance maintained? By a fantastic trick which is the basic law of electromagnetism – unlike poles attract each other. So, by keeping two unlike poles together, we build a force of attraction.

Everything is vibrating, everything is in motion and yet in an orderly motion. It is possible for this orderly motion to be momentarily disturbed and that momentary disturbance is remedied by immediate balancing counteraction or remedial action. This is Nature and this is what we see in our life.

When one sees the beauty of this balancing nature, one realises there is an intelligence behind it. And also that that intelligence seems to be superior to our intelligence because it is able to remedy our stupidity. When these two are seen, then the sources of real action are seen. The ‘I’ which superficially appeared to be the doer of all actions is seen to be non-existent and therefore non-active. But that which was beyond the understanding of the mind and the ego-sense – that is the real doer of all actions.

Yoga does not deal with the self or God, but with the obstacles to the vision of God, to this natural living. The world or the creation takes no notice at all of your private desires. The world has not been created to satisfy your cravings or to avoid what you do not like. What experiences pleasure? What experiences pain? How do they come in? Where does attachment come from? It is these things that really interfere with the natural flow of our life and introduce pleasure, pain, appointment, disappointment, hope, despair.

The art of dealing with these is called yoga. Yoga leads to Self-realisation. Self-realisation is not the end product of the practice of yoga; but when the yoga practice removes all obstacles, the Self is realised to be the sole reality.