'Be' with Swami Venkatesananda

Your friend is your mind

Who is your friend and who is your enemy?
It is your mind. If your mind is controlled, disciplined and pure, that mind is your friend. If your mind is impure, undisciplined, violent, full of hatred, attachment and vanity, it is your enemy.

There is no division here between impure mind and pure mind. The impure part of the mind cannot be destroyed; it has to be purified and the impurity thrown away. In order to have this awakening, all these old prejudices must go; all the faith in the false must be discarded. Do we have this perception? Do we see that our own false beliefs, prejudices, faith in the unreal, are leading us towards the precipice? If we do not see this danger, we had better drop all enquiries.

Until we awaken ourselves, we shall not see the truth and in order to wake up, we must come to grips with the tragedy of our life. Wisdom consists in being able to see at first hand, intimately, without any mediator.

What must I see? That birth is pain, that death is the axe, and that my perception of both is only second-hand.
We do not appreciate God’s Blessings, so our lives are full of imaginary sorrow. Sorrow is deep ignorance, spiritual ignorance, spiritual blindness, in whose vicious grip we are caught.